Revelation of Epochal Significance

Revelation is evolutionary but always progressive. Down through the ages of a world's history, the revelations of religion are ever expanding and successively more enlightening. It is the mission of revelation to sort and censor the successive religions of evolution. But if revelation is to exalt and upstep the religions of evolution, then must such divine visitations portray teachings that are not too far removed from the thought and reactions of the age in which they are presented. Thus must and does revelation always keep in touch with evolution. Always is the religion of revelation limited by man's capacity of receptivity.

But regardless of apparent connection or derivation, the religions of revelation are always characterized by a belief in some Deity of final value and in some concept of the survival of personality identity after death.

Evolutionary religion is sentimental, not logical. It is man's reaction to belief in a hypothetical ghost-spirit world -- the human belief-reflex, excited by the realization and fear of the unknown. Revelatory religion is propounded by the real spiritual world; it is the response of the super-intellectual cosmos to the mortal hunger to believe in and depend upon the universal Deities. Evolutionary religion pictures the circuitous groping of humanity in quest of truth; revelatory religion is that very truth.

There have been many events of religious revelation but only five of epochal significance. These were as follows:

1. The Dalamatian teachings.

The true concept of the First Source and Center was first promulgated on Earth by the one hundred corporeal members of Prince Caligastia's staff. This expanding revelation of Deity went on for more than three hundred thousand years until it was suddenly terminated by the planetary secession and the disruption of the teaching regime. Except for the work of Van, the influence of the Dalamatian revelation was practically lost to the whole world. Even the Nodites had forgotten this truth by the time of Adam's arrival. Of all who received the teachings of the one hundred, the red men held them longest, but the idea of the Great Spirit was but a hazy concept in Amerindian religion when contact with Christianity greatly clarified and strengthened it.

2. The Edenic teachings.

Adam and Eve again portrayed the concept of the Father of all to the evolutionary peoples. The disruption of the first Eden halted the course of the Adamic revelation before it had ever fully started. But the Sethite priests carried on the aborted teachings of Adam, and some of these truths have never been entirely lost to the world. The entire trend of Levantine religious evolution was modified by the teachings of the Sethites. But by 2500 B.C. mankind had largely lost sight of the revelation sponsored in the days of Eden.

3. Melchizedek of Salem.

This emergency Son of Nebadon inaugurated the third revelation of truth on Earth. The cardinal precepts of his teachings were trust and faith. He taught trust in the omnipotent beneficence of God and proclaimed that faith was the act by which men earned God's favor. His teachings gradually commingled with the beliefs and practices of various evolutionary religions and finally developed into those theologic systems present on Earth at the opening of the first millennium after Christ.

4. Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ Michael presented for the fourth time to Earth the concept of God as the Universal Father, and this teaching has generally persisted ever since. The essence of his teaching was love and service, the loving worship that a creature son voluntarily gives in recognition of and response to the loving ministry of God his Father; the freewill service that such creature sons bestow upon their brethren in the joyous realization that in this service they are likewise serving God the Father.

5. The Urantia Papers.

The Urantia Papers constitute the most recent presentation of truth to the mortals of Earth. These papers differ from all previous revelations, for they are not the work of a single universe personality but a composite presentation by many beings. But no revelation short of the attainment of the Universal Father can ever be complete. All other celestial ministrations are no more than partial, transient, and practically adapted to local conditions in time and space. While such admissions as this may possibly detract from the immediate force and authority of all revelations, the time has arrived on Earth when it is advisable to make such frank statements, even at the risk of weakening the future influence and authority of the most recent of the revelations of truth to the mortal races of Earth.

--Presented by a Melchizedek of Nebadon, from the Urantia Papers.

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The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant
As India gave rise to many of the religions and philosophies of eastern Asia, so the Levant was the homeland of the faiths of the Occidental world.
Yahweh -- God of the Hebrews
The Salem religion persisted among the Kenites in Palestine as their creed, and this religion as it was later adopted by the Hebrews was influenced by...
Evolution of the God Concept Among the Hebrews
-- they deanthropomorphized their God concept without converting it into an abstraction of Deity comprehensible only to philosophers.
The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident
The Melchizedek teachings entered Europe along many routes, but chiefly they came by way of Egypt and were embodied in Occidental philosophy after being thoroughly Hellenized and later Christianized.
The Bestowals of Christ Michael
Chief of the Evening Stars of Nebadon, I am assigned to Earth by Gabriel on the mission of revealing the story of the seven bestowals of the Universe Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon.
The Bestowal of Michael on Earth
...this was the setting of the momentous occasion when Immanuel presented the seventh bestowal commission to the universe ruler who subsequently became Jesus of Nazareth (Christ Michael) on Earth...
The Times of Michael's Bestowal
I am authorized to place on record the narrative of the life transactions of Michael's bestowal as Jesus of Nazareth as they were observed by my order...
Birth and Infancy of Jesus
It will hardly be possible fully to explain the many reasons which led to the selection of Palestine as the land for Michael's bestowal...
The Early Childhood of Jesus
All through these early years of Jesus' helpless infancy, Mary maintained one long and constant vigil...
The Later Childhood of Jesus
Although Jesus might have enjoyed a better opportunity for schooling at Alexandria than in Galilee...
Jesus at Jerusalem
No Incident in all Jesus' eventful earth career was more engaging, more humanly thrilling, than this, his first remembered visit to Jerusalem.
The Two Crucial Years
Of all Jesus' earth-life experiences, the fourteenth and fifteenth years were the most crucial.
The Adolescent Years
As Jesus entered upon his adolescent years, he found himself the head and sole support of a large family.
Jesus' Early Manhood
As Jesus of Nazareth entered upon the early years of his adult life...
The Later Adult Life of Jesus
All the family had slowly awakened to the realization that Jesus was making ready to leave them.
On the Way to Rome
The tour of the Roman world consumed most of the twenty-eighth and the entire twenty-ninth year of Jesus' life on earth.
The World's Religions
During the Alexandrian sojourn of Jesus, Gonod, and Ganid, the young man spent much of his time and no small sum of his father's money making a collection of the teachings of the world's religions...
The Sojourn at Rome
Since Gonod carried greetings from the princes of India to Tiberius, the Roman ruler, on the third day after their arrival in Rome the two Indians and Jesus appeared before him.
The Return from Rome
When preparing to leave Rome, Jesus said good-bye to none of his friends.
The Transition Years
He began to lay plans for a public career in the land of his father Joseph’s people...
John the Baptist
John the Baptist was born March 25, 7 B.C., in accordance with the promise that Gabriel made to Elizabeth in June of the previous year.
Baptism and the Forty Days
Jesus began his public work at the height of the popular interest in John’s preaching...
Tarrying Time in Galilee
All that day Jesus mingled with the multitude.
Training the Kingdom's Messengers
After preaching the sermon on “The Kingdom,” Jesus called the six apostles together that afternoon and began to disclose his plans for visiting the cities around and about the Sea of Galilee.
The Twelve Apostles
Do not make the mistake of regarding the apostles as being altogether ignorant and unlearned.
The Ordination of the Twelve
Just before noon on Sunday, January 12, A.D. 27, Jesus called the apostles together for their ordination as public preachers of the gospel of the kingdom.
Beginning the Puplic Work
On the first day of the week, January 19, A.D. 27, Jesus and the twelve apostles made ready to depart from their headquarters in Bethsaida.
The Passover at Jerusalem
The month of April Jesus and the apostles worked in Jerusalem, going out of the city each evening to spend the night at Bethany.
Going Through Samaria
Going north into Samaria, they tarried over the Sabbath at Bethel.
At Gilboa and in the Decapolis
SEPTEMBER and October were spent in retirement at a secluded camp upon the slopes of Mount Gilboa.
Four Eventful Days at Capernaum
JESUS and the apostles arrived in Capernaum the evening of Tuesday, January 13.
First Preaching Tour of Galilee
THE first public preaching tour of Galilee began on Sunday, January 18, A.D. 28, and continued for about two months, ending with the return to Capernaum on March 17.
The Interlude visit to Jerusalem
JESUS and the apostles arrived in Capernaum on Wednesday, March 17, and spent two weeks at the Bethsaida headquarters before they departed for Jerusalem.
The Second Preaching Tour
THE second public preaching tour of Galilee began on Sunday, October 3, A.D. 28, and continued for almost three months, ending on December 30.
The Third Preaching Tour
On Tuesday, January 18, the twenty-four were joined by the tested evangelists, about seventy-five in number, at the Zebedee house in Bethsaida preparatory to being sent forth on the third preaching...
Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside
BY MARCH 10 all of the preaching and teaching groups had forgathered at Bethsaida.
Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis
THE story of the cure of Amos, the Kheresa lunatic, had already reached Bethsaida and Capernaum, so that a great crowd was waiting for Jesus when his boat landed that Tuesday forenoon.
The Crisis at Capernaum
It was from among such a group of depressed and disconsolate followers that Jesus went forth on this beautiful Sabbath afternoon to preach his epoch-making sermon in the Capernaum synagogue.
Last Days at Capernaum
These scribes and Pharisees urged Herod to arrest Jesus...
Fleeing Through Northern Galilee
Before retiring for the night, the Master called his followers around him...
The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon
ON FRIDAY afternoon, June 10, Jesus and his associates arrived in the environs of Sidon...
At Caesarea-Philippi
BEFORE Jesus took the twelve for a short sojourn in the vicinity of Caesarea-Philippi, he arranged through the messengers of David to go over to Capernaum on Sunday, August 7, for the purpose of...
The Mount of Transfiguration
IT WAS near sundown on Friday afternoon, August 12, A.D. 29, when Jesus and his associates reached the foot of Mount Hermon...
The Decapolis Tour
...they were ready immediately to begin the teaching and preaching tour of the cities of the Decapolis.
Rodan of Alexandria
Rodan was now earnestly engaged in the task of harmonizing his philosophy of life with Jesus’ new religious teachings...
Further discussions with Rodan
When the hour came to leave for Jerusalem, Nathaniel and Thomas were still in the midst of their discussions with Rodan of Alexandria...
At the Feast of Tabernacles
Jesus himself went into the city only a few times, and these brief visits were made during the days of the feast of tabernacles.
Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan
A few days after the return of Jesus and the twelve to Magadan from Jerusalem, Abner and a group of some fifty disciples arrived from Bethlehem.
At the Feast of Dedication
As the camp at Pella was being established, Jesus, taking with him Nathaniel and Thomas, secretly went up to Jerusalem to attend the feast of the dedication.
The Perean Mission Begins
This Perean mission continued for almost three months and was the last ministry of the Master.
Last Visit to Northern Perea
From February 11 to 20, Jesus and the twelve made a tour of all the cities and villages of northern Perea...
The Visit to Philadelphia
Jesus and the ten apostles arrived at Philadelphia on Wednesday, February 22...
The Resurrection of Lazarus
“I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live."
Last Teaching at Pella
LATE on Monday evening, March 6, Jesus and the ten apostles arrived at the Pella camp.
The Kingdom of Heaven
This Sabbath afternoon the Master sought to clarify the teaching about the kingdom of heaven...
On the Way to Jerusalem
In asking for places on the right hand and on the left hand of Jesus at Jerusalem, the sons of Zebedee little realized...
Going into Jerusalem
...they dimly felt that this might be his last visit to Jerusalem and Bethany.
Monday in Jerusalem
Early on this Monday morning Jesus and the apostles set out for Jerusalem.
Tuesday Morning in the Temple
About seven o’clock on this Tuesday morning Jesus met the apostles, the women’s corps, and some two dozen other prominent disciples at the home of Simon.
The Last Temple Discourse
The money-changers and the merchandisers had not dared again to enter the temple...
Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet
As they went on toward Olivet, Jesus said: “You see these stones and this massive temple;...
Wednesday, the Rest Day
When the work of teaching the people did not press them, it was the custom of Jesus and his apostles to rest from their labors each Wednesday.
Last Day at the Camp
Soon after the breakfast hour on this beautiful morning, the Master led them to a secluded spot a short distance above their camp...
The Last Supper
...the apostles went immediately to the upper chamber while Jesus lingered behind to talk with the Mark family.
The farewell Discourse
But now have you come upon troublous times.
Final Admonitions and Warnings
Jesus again called the apostles to order and began the impartation of his final admonitions and warnings.
In Gethsemane
It was about ten o’clock this Thursday night when Jesus led the eleven apostles back to the Gethsemane camp.
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
Jesus sat down, alone, on the olive press, where he awaited the coming of the betrayer...
Before the Sanhedrin Court
It was not lawful to convene the Sanhedrin court...
The Trial Before Pilate
Shortly after six o’clock on this Friday morning, April 7, A.D. 30, Jesus was brought before Pilate...
Just Before the Crucifixion
By the time Mary and John reached the city, Jesus, accompanied by the Roman soldiers who were to crucify him, had already arrived at Golgotha.
The Crucifixion
After the two brigands had been made ready, the soldiers, under the direction of a centurion, started for the scene of the crucifixion.
The Time of the Tomb
The day and a half that Jesus’ mortal body lay in the tomb of Joseph...
The Resurrection
By midnight they had arrived at the conclusion that the creature could do nothing to facilitate the resurrection of the Creator.
Morontia Appearances of Jesus
The mortals of the realms will arise in the morning of the resurrection with the same type of transition or morontia body that Jesus had...
Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders
The Master put off the first morontia appearance to the apostles for a number of reasons.
Appearances in Galilee
Early this Monday morning when the apostles departed for Galilee, John Mark went along.
Final Appearances and Ascension
The sixteenth morontia manifestation of Jesus occurred on Friday, May 5, in the courtyard of Nicodemus...
Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth
Peter stood up and declared that this must be the coming of the Spirit of Truth...
After Pentacost
The results of Peter's preaching on the day of Pentecost were such as to decide the future...
The Faith of Jesus
Jesus enjoyed a sublime and wholehearted faith in God.
This Foreword is not, therefore, a finished statement within itself; it is only a definitive guide designed to assist those who shall read the accompanying papers dealing with Deity and the universe..
The Universal Father
The Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings.
The Nature of God
I cheerfully undertake the execution of my mandate to attempt the further portrayal of the nature of God to the mind of man.
The Attributes of God
GOD is everywhere present; the Universal Father rules the circle of eternity.
God's Relation to the Universe
The Universal Father has an eternal purpose pertaining to the material, intellectual, and spiritual phenomena of the universe of universes, which he is executing throughout all time.
God's Relation to the Individual
Man does not have to go farther than his own inner experience of the soul's contemplation of this spiritual-reality presence to find God and attempt communion with him.
The Eternal Son
The Eternal Son is the perfect and final expression of the "first" personal and absolute concept of the Universal Father.
Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe
The Original Son is ever concerned with the execution of the spiritual aspects of the Father's eternal purpose...
The Infinite Spirit
We are now face to face with the eternity origin of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity.
Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe
The Infinite Spirit pervades all space; he indwells the circle of eternity; and the Spirit, like the Father and the Son, is perfect and changeless -- absolute.
The Paradise Trinity
The Paradise Trinity effectively provides for the full expression and perfect revelation of the eternal nature of Deity.
The Eternal Isle of Paradise
Paradise is the eternal center of the universe of universes and the abiding place of the Universal Father...
The Universe of Universes
The immensity of the far-flung creation of the Universal Father is utterly beyond the grasp of finite imagination...
The Sacred Spheres of Paradise
The twenty-one Paradise satellites serve many purposes in both central and superuniverses not disclosed in these narratives.
The Central and Divine Universe
The perfect and divine universe occupies the center of all creation...
The Seven Superuniverses
Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated.
The Seven Master Spirits
The Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit.
The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the universal co-ordinating directors of the seven-segmented administration of the grand universe.
The Supreme Trinity Personalities
Supreme Trinity Personalities are all created for specific service.
The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings
Excepting the Trinity Teacher Sons and possibly the Inspired Trinity Spirits, these groups are of definite numbers; their creation is a finished and past event.
The Paradise Sons of God
AS THEY function in the superuniverse of Orvonton, the Sons of God are classified under three general heads:
The Paradise Creator Sons
The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space.
The Trinitized Sons of God
Irrespective of origin all Trinitized Sons of God have in common the experience of trinitization...
The Solitary Messengers
Solitary Messengers are the personal and universal corps of the Conjoint Creator...
Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
Those Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit that find mention in these narratives function throughout the grand universe in seven divisions:
The Messenger Hosts of Space
Ranking intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spirit are the Messenger Hosts of Space.
Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe
Such ministering spirits are to be encountered from the Isle of Paradise to the worlds of time and space.
Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim
Primary supernaphim are the supernal servants of the Deities on the eternal Isle of Paradise.
Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses
...the ministering spirits of the superuniverses embrace the following three orders:
The Universe Power Directors
Of all the universe personalities concerned in the regulation of interplanetary and interuniverse affairs, the power directors and their associates have been the least understood on Urantia.
Personalities of the Grand Universe
The personalities and other-than-personal entities now functioning on Paradise and in the grand universe constitute a well-nigh limitless number of living beings.
The Corps of the Finality
The Corps of Mortal Finaliters represents the present known destination of the ascending Adjuster-fused mortals of time.
The Evolution of Local Universes
These universes of time and space are all evolutionary.
Administration of the Local Universe
While the Universal Father most certainly rules over his vast creation, he functions in a local universe administration through the person of the Creator Son.
Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe
THERE are three distinct orders of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit.
The Seraphic Hosts
AS FAR as we are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, intends to produce uniformly perfect seraphim, but for some unknown reason...
The Social Problems of religion
RELIGION achieves its highest social ministry when it has least connection with the secular institutions of society.
Personality Survival
The evolutionary planets are the spheres of human origin, the initial worlds of the ascending mortal career.
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