The Default of Adam and Eve


After more than one hundred years of effort on Earth, Adam was able to see very little progress outside the Garden; the world at large did not seem to be improving much. The realization of race betterment appeared to be a long way off, and the situation seemed so desperate as to demand something for relief not embraced in the original plans. At least that is what often passed through his mind, and he so expressed himself many times to Eve. Adam and his mate were loyal, but they were isolated from their kind, and they were sorely distressed by the sorry plight of their world.

--Presented by Solonia, the seraphic "voice in the Garden," from the Urantia Papers.

The Earth Problem
...a difficult and seemingly hopeless task confronted Adam and Eve in the sorry plight of Earth.

The Devil's Plot
Caligastia, commonly known as the devil, paid frequent visits to the Garden and held many conferences with Adam and Eve...

The Temptation of Eve
Eve then and there consented to embark upon the much-discussed enterprise, to add her own little scheme of world saving to the larger and more far-reaching divine plan.

The Realization of Default
I listened fully to the recital of all that led up to the default of Mother Eve...

Consequences of Default
The consequences of the follies of misguided parents are so often shared by their innocent children.

Adam and Eve Leave the Garden
And for the first time Adam and Eve were informed of what was to become of their children.

Degradation of Adam and Eve
It was while the Edenic caravan was halted that Adam and Eve were informed of the nature of their transgressions and advised concerning their fate.

The So-Called Fall of Man
There has been no "fall of man." The history of the human race is one of progressive evolution...

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