Birth and Infancy of Jesus

It will hardly be possible fully to explain the many reasons which led to the selection of Palestine as the land for Michael's bestowal, and especially as to just why the family of Joseph and Mary should have been chosen as the immediate setting for the appearance of this Son of God on Earth.

After a study of the special report on the status of segregated worlds prepared by the Melchizedeks, in counsel with Gabriel, Michael finally chose Earth as the planet whereon to enact his final bestowal. Subsequent to this decision Gabriel made a personal visit to Earth, and, as a result of his study of human groups and his survey of the spiritual, intellectual, racial, and geographic features of the world and its peoples, he decided that the Hebrews possessed those relative advantages which warranted their selection as the bestowal race. Upon Michael's approval of this decision, Gabriel appointed and dispatched to Earth the Family Commission of Twelve -- selected from among the higher orders of universe personalities -- which was intrusted with the task of making an investigation of Jewish family life. When this commission ended its labors, Gabriel was present on Earth and received the report nominating three prospective unions as being, in the opinion of the commission, equally favorable as bestowal families for Michael's projected incarnation.

From the three couples nominated, Gabriel made the personal choice of Joseph and Mary, subsequently making his personal appearance to Mary, at which time he imparted to her the glad tidings that she had been selected to become the earth mother of the bestowal child.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

Joseph and Mary
Of all couples living in Palestine at about the time of Michael's projected bestowal, Joseph and Mary possessed the most ideal combination of...

Gabriel Appears to Elizabeth
It was late in the month of June, 8 B.C., about three months after the marriage of Joseph and Mary, that Gabriel appeared to Elizabeth at noontide one day...

Gabriel's Announcement to Mary
One evening about sundown, before Joseph had returned home, Gabriel appeared to Mary by the side of a low stone table...

Joseph's Dream
Joseph did not become reconciled to the idea that Mary was to become the mother of an extraordinary child until after he had experienced a very impressive dream.

Jesus' Earth Parents
Jesus derived much of his unusual gentleness and marvelous sympathetic understanding of human nature from his father...

The Home at Nazareth
The home of Jesus was not far from the high hill in the northerly part of Nazareth...

The Trip to Bethlehem
The inn was overcrowded, and Joseph accordingly sought lodgings with distant relatives, but every room in Bethlehem was filled to overflowing.

The Birth of Jesus
Jesus of Nazareth was born into the world, was wrapped in the clothes which Mary had brought along for such a possible contingency, and laid in a near-by manger.

The Presentation in the Temple
There lingered constantly about the courts of the temple two remarkable characters, Simeon a singer and Anna a poetess.

Herod Acts
But the watchers for Herod were not inactive.

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