Last Day at the Camp

JESUS planned to spend this Thursday, his last free day on earth as a divine Son incarnated in the flesh, with his apostles and a few loyal and devoted disciples. Soon after the breakfast hour on this beautiful morning, the Master led them to a secluded spot a short distance above their camp and there taught them many new truths. Although Jesus delivered other discourses to the apostles during the early evening hours of the day, this talk of Thursday forenoon was his farewell address to the combined camp group of apostles and chosen disciples, both Jews and gentiles. The twelve were all present save Judas. Peter and several of the apostles remarked about his absence, and some of them thought Jesus had sent him into the city to attend to some matter, probably to arrange the details of their forthcoming celebration of the Passover. Judas did not return to the camp until midafternoon, a short time before Jesus led the twelve into Jerusalem to partake of the Last Supper.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship
...concerning the relation of sonship with God to citizenship in earthly governments.

After the Noontime Meal
By noon of this day all the apostles and disciples had learned about the hasty flight of Lazarus from Bethany.

On the Way to the Supper
“Sit down and rest yourselves while I talk with you about what must shortly come to pass...

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