The Decapolis Tour

WHEN Jesus and the twelve arrived at Magadan Park, they found awaiting them a group of almost one hundred evangelists and disciples, including the women’s corps, and they were ready immediately to begin the teaching and preaching tour of the cities of the Decapolis.

On this Thursday morning, August 18, the Master called his followers together and directed that each of the apostles should associate himself with one of the twelve evangelists, and that with others of the evangelists they should go out in twelve groups to labor in the cities and villages of the Decapolis. The women’s corps and others of the disciples he directed to remain with him. Jesus allotted four weeks to this tour, instructing his followers to return to Magadan not later than Friday, September 16. He promised to visit them often during this time. In the course of this month these twelve groups labored in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos, Zaphon, Gadara, Abila, Edrei, Philadelphia, Heshbon, Dium, Scythopolis, and many other cities. Throughout this tour no miracles of healing or other extraordinary events occurred.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

The Sermon on Forgiveness
One evening at Hippos, in answer to a disciple’s question, Jesus taught the lesson on forgiveness.

The Strange Preacher
In the generations to come many who are not wholly worthy will do many strange things in my name...

Instruction for Teachers and Believers
...gave expression to the principles which should guide those who preach truth, and which should activate all who teach the gospel of the kingdom.

The Talk with Nathaniel
“Nathaniel, you have rightly judged; I do not regard the Scriptures as do the rabbis."

The Positive Nature of Jesus' Religion
At Philadelphia, where James was working, Jesus taught the disciples about the positive nature of the gospel of the kingdom.

The Return to Magadan
On Friday, September 16, the entire corps of workers assembled by prearrangement at Magadan Park.

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