The Planetary Prince of Earth

The advent of a Lanonandek Son on an average world signifies that will, the ability to choose the path of eternal survival, has developed in the mind of primitive man. But on earth the Planetary Prince arrived almost half a million years after the appearance of human will.
About five hundred thousand years ago and concurrent with the appearance of the six colored or Sangik races, Caligastia, the Planetary Prince, arrived on earth. There were almost one-half billion primitive human beings on earth at the time of the Prince’s arrival, and they were well scattered over Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Prince’s headquarters, established in Mesopotamia, was at about the center of world population.

Presented by a Melchizedek of Nebadon from the Urantia Papers.

The Prince
No prince of the planets ever embarked upon a career of world rulership with a richer preparatory experience...

The Prince's Staff
The Prince's staff included a large number of angelic co-operators and a host of other celestial beings assigned to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the human races.

Dalamatia -- The City of the Prince
The city of the Planetary Prince was situated in the Persian Gulf region of those days, in the district corresponding to later Mesopotamia.

Early Days of the One Hundred
...much of your subsequent mythology grew out of the garbled legends of these early days when these members of the Prince's staff were repersonalized on Earth as supermen.

Organization of the One Hundred
The one hundred were organized for service in ten autonomous councils of ten members each.

The Prince's Rule
But this beneficent rule was so soon interrupted that the races never have been wholly liberated from the slavery of custom; fashion still unduly dominates Earth.

Life in Dalamatia
The Prince's headquarters, though exquisitely beautiful and designed to awe the primitive men of that age, was altogether modest.

Misfortunes of Caligastia
...the times of the Lucifer rebellion and the concurrent Caligastia betrayal. All subsequent history has been definitely modified by this catastrophic blunder...

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