Fleeing Through Northern Galilee

SOON after landing near Kheresa on this eventful Sunday, Jesus and the twenty-four went a little way to the north, where they spent the night in a beautiful park south of Bethsaida-Julias. They were familiar with this camping place, having stopped there in days gone by. Before retiring for the night, the Master called his followers around him and discussed with them the plans for their projected tour through Batanea and northern Galilee to the Phoenician coast.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

Why Do the Heathen Rage
You should all recall how the Psalmist spoke of these times, saying, ‘Why do the heathen rage and the peoples plot in vain?

The Evangelists in Chorazin
On Monday morning, May 23, Jesus directed Peter to go over to Chorazin with the twelve evangelists...

At Caesarea-Philippi
The sojourn at Caesarea-Philippi was a real test to the eleven apostles; it was a difficult two weeks for them to live through.

On the Way to Phoenicia
...this group of twenty-five teachers of truth left Caesarea-Philippi to begin their journey to the Phoenician coast.

The Discourse on True Religion
This memorable discourse on religion, summarized and restated in modern phraseology, gave expression to the following truths:

The Second Discourse on Religion
And so, while they paused in the shade of the hillside, Jesus continued to teach them regarding the religion of the spirit...

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