The History of the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

The cultural decadence and spiritual poverty resulting from the Caligastia downfall and consequent social confusion had little effect on the physical or biologic status of the earth's people. Organic evolution proceeded apace, quite regardless of the cultural and moral setback which so swiftly followed the disaffection of Caligastia and Daligastia. And there came a time in the planetary history, almost forty thousand years ago, when the Life Carriers on duty took note that, from a purely biologic standpoint, the developmental progress of the earth's races was nearing its apex. The Melchizedek receivers, concurring in this opinion, readily agreed to join the Life Carriers in a petition to the Most Highs of Edentia asking that the earth be inspected with a view to authorizing the dispatch of biologic uplifters, a Material Son and Daughter.

This request was addressed to the Most Highs of Edentia because they had exercised direct jurisdiction over many of the earth's affairs ever since Caligastia's downfall and the temporary vacation of authority on Jerusem.

Tabamantia, sovereign supervisor of the series of decimal or experimental worlds, came to inspect the planet, and after his survey of racial progress, duly recommended that the earth be granted Material Sons. In a little less than one hundred years from the time of this inspection, Adam and Eve, a Material Son and Daughter of the local system, arrived and began the difficult task of attempting to untangle the confused affairs of a planet retarded by rebellion and resting under the ban of spiritual isolation.

--Presented by Solonia, the seraphic "voice in the Garden," from the Urantia Papers.

The Nodites and the Amadonites
The Nodites were the descendants of the rebel members of the Prince's staff, their name deriving from their first leader, Nod.

Preparing the Garden
...they did everything possible to frustrate and hamper the work of preparing the Garden.

The Garden Site
The site chosen for the Garden was probably the most beautiful spot of its kind in all the world, and the climate was then ideal.

Establishing the Garden of Eden
The first task in establishing the Garden of Eden was the building of the brick wall across the neck of the peninsula...

The Garden Home
At the time of Adam's arrival, though the Garden was only one-fourth finished, it had thousands of miles of irrigation ditches and more than...

The Tree of Life
In the center of the Garden temple Van planted the long-guarded tree of life, whose leaves were for the "healing of the nations," and whose fruit had so long sustained him on earth.

The Fate of Eden
We do not regard the submergence of Eden as anything but a natural occurrence...

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