The Later Adult Life of Jesus

JESUS had fully and finally separated himself from the management of the domestic affairs of the Nazareth family and from the immediate direction of its individuals. He continued, right up to the event of his baptism, to contribute to the family finances and to take a keen personal interest in the spiritual welfare of every one of his brothers and sisters. And always was he ready to do everything humanly possible for the comfort and happiness of his widowed mother.

The Son of Man had now made every preparation for detaching himself permanently from the Nazareth home; and this was not easy for him to do. Jesus naturally loved his people; he loved his family, and this natural affection had been tremendously augmented by his extraordinary devotion to them. The more fully we bestow ourselves upon our fellows, the more we come to love them; and since Jesus had given himself so fully to his family, he loved them with a great and fervent affection.

All the family had slowly awakened to the realization that Jesus was making ready to leave them. The sadness of the anticipated separation was only tempered by this graduated method of preparing them for the announcement of his intended departure. For more than four years they discerned that he was planning for this eventual separation.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

The Twenty-Seventh Year (A.D. 21)
In January of this year, A.D. 21, on a rainy Sunday morning, Jesus took unceremonious leave of his family...

The Twenty-Eighth Year (A.D. 22)
In March, A.D. 22, Jesus took leave of Zebedee and of Capernaum.

The Twenty-Ninth Year (A.D. 23)
The whole of Jesus' twenty-ninth year was spent finishing up the tour of the Mediterranean world.

The Human Jesus
Jesus did not live his life on earth in order to set an example for all other human beings to copy.

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