The Mount of Transfiguration

IT WAS near sundown on Friday afternoon, August 12, A.D. 29, when Jesus and his associates reached the foot of Mount Hermon, near the very place where the lad Tiglath once waited while the Master ascended the mountain alone to settle the spiritual destinies of Urantia and technically to terminate the Lucifer rebellion. And here they sojourned for two days in spiritual preparation for the events so soon to follow.

In a general way, Jesus knew beforehand what was to transpire on the mountain, and he much desired that all his apostles might share this experience. It was to fit them for this revelation of himself that he tarried with them at the foot of the mountain. But they could not attain those spiritual levels which would justify their exposure to the full experience of the visitation of the celestial beings so soon to appear on earth. And since he could not take all of his associates with him, he decided to take only the three who were in the habit of accompanying him on such special vigils. Accordingly, only Peter, James, and John shared even a part of this unique experience with the Master.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

The Transfiguration
Early on the morning of Monday, August 15, Jesus and the three apostles began the ascent of Mount Hermon...

Coming down the Mountain
For about half the distance down the mountain not a word was spoken.

Meaning of the Transfiguration
The transfiguration was the occasion of:

The Epileptic Boy that the youth was both epileptic and demon-possessed.

Jesus Heals the Boy
They all rushed forward to greet Jesus and their three brethren.

In Celsus' Garden
They remained overnight with Celsus...

Peter's Protest
Peter spoke thus because he loved Jesus;

At Peter's House
Entering Capernaum at twilight, they went by unfrequented thoroughfares directly to the home of Simon Peter for their evening meal.

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