The Visit to Philadelphia

THROUGHOUT this period of the Perean ministry, when mention is made of Jesus and the apostles visiting the various localities where the seventy were at work, it should be recalled that, as a rule, only ten were with him since it was the practice to leave at least two of the apostles at Pella to instruct the multitude. As Jesus prepared to go on to Philadelphia, Simon Peter and his brother, Andrew, returned to the Pella encampment to teach the crowds there assembled. When the Master left the camp at Pella to visit about Perea, it was not uncommon for from three to five hundred of the campers to follow him. When he arrived at Philadelphia, he was accompanied by over six hundred followers.

No miracles had attended the recent preaching tour through the Decapolis, and, excepting the cleansing of the ten lepers, thus far there had been no miracles on this Perean mission. This was a period when the gospel was proclaimed with power, without miracles, and most of the time without the personal presence of Jesus or even of his apostles.

Jesus and the ten apostles arrived at Philadelphia on Wednesday, February 22, and spent Thursday and Friday resting from their recent travels and labors. That Friday night James spoke in the synagogue, and a general council was called for the following evening. They were much rejoiced over the progress of the gospel at Philadelphia and among the near-by villages. The messengers of David also brought word of the further advancement of the kingdom throughout Palestine, as well as good news from Alexandria and Damascus.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

Breakfast with the Pharisees
There lived in Philadelphia a very wealthy and influential Pharisee who invited Jesus to his house Sabbath morning for breakfast.

Parable of the Great Supper
...the meaning of this parable of the great supper.

The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity
At the conclusion of the service Jesus looked down before him upon an elderly woman who wore a downcast expression...

The Message from Bethany
Very late on Sunday night, February 26, a runner from Bethany arrived at Philadelphia...

On the Way to Bethany
On the way to Judea Jesus was followed by a company of almost fifty of his friends and enemies.

Blessing the Little Children
That evening Jesus’ message regarding marriage and the blessedness of children spread all over Jericho...

The Talk about Angels
Angels are a direct creation, and they do not reproduce themselves.

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