The Third Preaching Tour

ON SUNDAY evening, January 16, A.D. 29, Abner, with the apostles of John, reached Bethsaida and went into joint conference with Andrew and the apostles of Jesus the next day. Abner and his associates made their headquarters at Hebron and were in the habit of coming up to Bethsaida periodically for these conferences.

Among the many matters considered by this joint conference was the practice of anointing the sick with certain forms of oil in connection with prayers for healing. Again did Jesus decline to participate in their discussions or to express himself regarding their conclusions. The apostles of John had always used the anointing oil in their ministry to the sick and afflicted, and they sought to establish this as a uniform practice for both groups, but the apostles of Jesus refused to bind themselves by such a regulation.

On Tuesday, January 18, the twenty-four were joined by the tested evangelists, about seventy-five in number, at the Zebedee house in Bethsaida preparatory to being sent forth on the third preaching tour of Galilee. This third mission continued for a period of seven weeks.

The evangelists were sent out in groups of five, while Jesus and the twelve traveled together most of the time, the apostles going out two and two to baptize believers as occasion required. For a period of almost three weeks Abner and his associates also worked with the evangelistic groups, advising them and baptizing believers. They visited Magdala, Tiberias, Nazareth, and all the principal cities and villages of central and southern Galilee, all the places previously visited and many others. This was their last message to Galilee, except to the northern portions.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

The Women's Evangelistic Corps
“On the morrow we will set apart ten women for the ministering work of the kingdom.”

The Stop at Magdala
It was at Magdala that the women first demonstrated their usefulness and vindicated the wisdom of their choosing.

The Sabbath at Tiberias
The Sabbath services of the apostolic party had been put in the hands of the women by Andrew, upon instructions from Jesus.

Sending the Apostles out Two and Two
Then he designated the pairs of apostles as he desired them to go forth, and they were:

What Must I Do to Be Saved
Rachel asked Jesus this question: “Master, what shall we answer when women ask us, What shall I do to be saved?”

The Evening Lessons
At the evening discussions Jesus talked upon many subjects.

The Sojourn at Nazareth
This Friday afternoon Jesus walked about Nazareth quite unobserved and wholly unrecognized.

The Sabbath Service
This Sabbath was a beautiful day, and all Nazareth, friends and foes, turned out to hear this former citizen of their town discourse in the synagogue.

The Nazareth Rejection
Jesus found himself surrounded in the synagogue by a great throng of his enemies and a sprinkling of his own followers...

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