Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim

PRIMARY supernaphim are the supernal servants of the Deities on the eternal Isle of Paradise. Never have they been known to depart from the paths of light and righteousness. The roll calls are complete; from eternity not one of this magnificent host has been lost. These high supernaphim are perfect beings, supreme in perfection, but they are not absonite, neither are they absolute. Being of the essence of perfection, these children of the Infinite Spirit work interchangeably and at will in all phases of their manifold duties. They do not function extensively outside Paradise, though they do participate in the various millennial gatherings and group reunions of the central universe. They also go forth as special messengers of the Deities, and in large numbers they ascend to become Technical Advisers.

Primary supernaphim are also placed in command of the seraphic hosts ministering on worlds isolated because of rebellion. When a Paradise Son is bestowed upon such a world, completes his mission, ascends to the Universal Father, is accepted, and returns as the accredited deliverer of this isolated world, a primary supernaphim is always designated by the chiefs of assignment to assume command of the ministering spirits on duty in the newly reclaimed sphere. Supernaphim in this special service are periodically rotated. On Urantia the present “chief of seraphim” is the second of this order to be on duty since the times of the bestowal of Christ Michael.

From eternity the primary supernaphim have served on the Isle of Light and have gone forth on missions of leadership to the worlds of space, but they have functioned as now classified only since the arrival on Paradise of the Havona pilgrims of time. These high angels now minister chiefly in the following seven orders of service:

1. Conductors of Worship.
2. Masters of Philosophy.
3. Custodians of Knowledge.
4. Directors of Conduct.
5. Interpreters of Ethics.
6. Chiefs of Assignment.
7. Instigators of Rest.

Not until the ascending pilgrims actually attain Paradise residence do they come under the direct influence of these supernaphim, and then they pass through a training experience under the direction of these angels in the reverse order of their naming. That is, you enter upon your Paradise career under the tutelage of the instigators of rest and, after successive seasons with the intervening orders, finish this training period with the conductors of worship. Thereupon are you ready to begin the endless career of a finaliter.

Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversa, from the Urantia Papers.

Instigators of Rest
The instigators of rest are the inspectors of Paradise who go forth from the central Isle to the inner circuit of Havona...

Chiefs of Assignment
This is the group designated from time to time by the chief supernaphim, “the original pattern angel,” to preside over...

Interpreters of Ethics
The interpreters of ethics are of inestimable assistance to the Paradise arrivals...

Directors of Conduct
...the ascendant mortals find it helpful to receive the counsel of the superaphic directors of conduct.

The Custodians of Knowledge
The superaphic custodians of knowledge are the higher “living epistles” known and read by all who dwell on Paradise.

Masters of Philosophy
These superaphic masters of philosophy are the “wise men of heaven,”...

Conductors of Worship
It is the task of the conductors of worship so to teach the ascendant creatures how to worship...

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