The Planetary Rebellion

The problems associated with human existence on earth are impossible of understanding without a knowledge of certain great epochs of the past, notably the occurrence and consequences of the planetary rebellion. Although this upheaval did not seriously interfere with the progress of organic evolution, it did markedly modify the course of social evolution and of spiritual development. The entire super-physical history of the planet was profoundly influenced by this devastating calamity.

--Presented by a Melchizedek of Nebadon, from the Urantia Papers.

The Caligastia Betrayal
...the Prince agreed to betray the planet upon the announcement of the rebellion, a premeditated betrayal of trust.

Planetary Rebellion
This distinguished administrator and able jurist branded the proposed course of Caligastia as an act bordering on planetary rebellion...

Rebellion in Heaven
With this broadcast of the fact of rebellion in Satania the system was isolated, quarantined, from her sister systems.

After the Rebellion
After the rebellion, the corporeal members of the Prince's staff were found to have aligned themselves as follows:

Immediate Results of Rebellion
Great confusion reigned in Dalamatia and thereabout for almost fifty years after the instigation of rebellion.

Van -- The Steadfast
The followers of Van early withdrew to the highlands west of India, where they were exempt from attacks by the confused races of the lowlands...

Remote Repercussions of Sin
The personal (centripetal) repercussions of sin, the creature's willful and persistent rejection of light, are both inevitable and individual...

The Human Hero of the Rebellion
The Lucifer rebellion was withstood by many courageous beings on the various worlds of Satania...

At a private interview in Zebedee's garden Nathaniel asked Jesus:

“Master, though I am beginning to understand why you refuse to practice healing indiscriminately, I am still at a loss to understand why the loving Father in heaven permits so many of his children on earth to suffer so many afflictions.”

The Master answered Nathaniel, saying:

“Nathaniel, you and many others are thus perplexed because you do not comprehend how the natural order of this world has so many times been upset by the sinful adventures of certain rebellious traitors to the Father's will. And I have come to make a beginning of setting these things in order. But many ages will be required to restore this part of the universe to former paths and thus release the children of men from the extra burdens of sin and rebellion.”

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