Further Discussions with Rodan

ON SUNDAY, September 25, A.D. 29, the apostles and the evangelists assembled at Magadan. After a long conference that evening with his associates, Jesus surprised all by announcing that early the next day he and the twelve apostles would start for Jerusalem to attend the feast of tabernacles. He directed that the evangelists visit the believers in Galilee, and that the women’s corps return for a while to Bethsaida.

When the hour came to leave for Jerusalem, Nathaniel and Thomas were still in the midst of their discussions with Rodan of Alexandria, and they secured the Master’s permission to remain at Magadan for a few days. And so, while Jesus and the ten were on their way to Jerusalem, Nathaniel and Thomas were engaged in earnest debate with Rodan. The week prior, in which Rodan had expounded his philosophy, Thomas and Nathaniel had alternated in presenting the gospel of the kingdom to the Greek philosopher. Rodan discovered that he had been well instructed in Jesus’ teachings by one of the former apostles of John the Baptist who had been his teacher at Alexandria.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

The Personality of God
There was one matter on which Rodan and the two apostles did not see alike, and that was the personality of God.

The Divine Nature of Jesus
...there remained only one more point to consider, the teaching dealing with the divine nature of Jesus...

Jesus' Human and Divine Minds
Consciousness of divinity was a gradual growth in the mind of Jesus up to the occasion of his baptism.

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