Going Through Samaria

AT THE end of June, A.D. 27, because of the increasing opposition of the Jewish religious rulers, Jesus and the twelve departed from Jerusalem, after sending their tents and meager personal effects to be stored at the home of Lazarus at Bethany. Going north into Samaria, they tarried over the Sabbath at Bethel. Here they preached for several days to the people who came from Gophna and Ephraim. A group of citizens from Arimathea and Thamna came over to invite Jesus to visit their villages. The Master and his apostles spent more than two weeks teaching the Jews and Samaritans of this region, many of whom came from as far as Antipatris to hear the good news of the kingdom.

The people of southern Samaria heard Jesus gladly, and the apostles, with the exception of Judas Iscariot, succeeded in overcoming much of their prejudice against the Samaritans. It was very difficult for Judas to love these Samaritans. The last week of July Jesus and his associates made ready to depart for the new Greek cities of Phasaelis and Archelais near the Jordan.

--Presented by the Midwayer Commission, from the Urantia Papers.

Preaching at Archelais
The first half of the month of August the apostolic party made its headquarters at the Greek cities of Archelais and Phasaelis...

Lesson on Self-Mastery
Self-mastery is the measure of man’s moral nature and the indicator of his spiritual development.

Diversion and Relaxation
“My brethren, you must all learn the value of rest and the efficacy of relaxation...

The Jews and the Samaritans
For more than six hundred years the Jews of Judea, and later on those of Galilee also, had been at enmity with the Samaritans.

The Woman of Sychar
Jesus was thirsty, but there was no way of getting water from the well. When, therefore, a woman of Sychar came up with her water pitcher and prepared to draw from the well, Jesus said to her...

The Samaritan Revival
"Behold these people coming out from a Samaritan city to hear us; I tell you the fields are already white for the harvest."

Teachingsabout Prayer and Worship
At the evening conferences on Mount Gerizim, Jesus taught many great truths about prayer and worship, and in particular he laid emphasis on the following:

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