The Seven Master Spirits

THE Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. In this sevenfold creative act of self-duplication the Infinite Spirit exhausted the associative possibilities mathematically inherent in the factual existence of the three persons of Deity. Had it been possible to produce a larger number of Master Spirits, they would have been created, but there are just seven associative possibilities, and only seven, inherent in three Deities. And this explains why the universe is operated in seven grand divisions, and why the number seven is basically fundamental in its organization and administration.

The Seven Master Spirits thus have their origin in, and derive their individual characteristics from, the following seven likenesses:

1. The Universal Father.
2. The Eternal Son.
3. The Infinite Spirit.
4. The Father and the Son.
5. The Father and the Spirit.
6. The Son and the Spirit.
7. The Father, Son, and Spirit.

We know very little about the action of the Father and the Son in the creation of the Master Spirits. Apparently they were brought into existence by the personal acts of the Infinite Spirit, but we have been definitely instructed that both the Father and the Son participated in their origin.

In spirit character and nature these Seven Spirits of Paradise are as one, but in all other aspects of identity they are very unlike, and the results of their functioning in the superuniverses are such that the individual differences of each are unmistakably discernible. All the afterplans of the seven segments of the grand universe — and even the correlative segments of outer space — have been conditioned by the other-than-spiritual diversity of these Seven Master Spirits of supreme and ultimate supervision.

The Master Spirits have many functions, but at the present time their particular domain is the central supervision of the seven superuniverses. Each Master Spirit maintains an enormous force-focal headquarters, which slowly circulates around the periphery of Paradise, always maintaining a position opposite the superuniverse of immediate supervision and at the Paradise focal point of its specialized power control and segmental energy distribution. The radial boundary lines of any one of the superuniverses do actually converge at the Paradise headquarters of the supervising Master Spirit.

Sponsored by a Universal Censor from Uversa.

Relation to Triune Deity
The Conjoint Creator, the Infinite Spirit, is necessary to the completion of the triune personalization of undivided Deity.

Relation to the Infinite Spirit
Outside of Paradise and Havona the Infinite Spirit speaks only by the voices of the Seven Master Spirits.

Identity and Diversity of the Master Spirits
The Seven Master Spirits are indescribable beings, but they are distinctly and definitely personal.

Attributes and Functions of the Master Spirits
The Seven Master Spirits are the full representation of the Infinite Spirit to the evolutionary universes.

Relation to Creatures
As concerns the seven superuniverses, each native creature, man or angel, will forever bear this badge of natal identification.

The Cosmic Mind
The Master Spirits are the sevenfold source of the cosmic mind, the intellectual potential of the grand universe.

Morals, Virtue, and Personality
Morality, virtue, is indigenous to human personality.

Urantia Personality
Urantia human beings are endowed with personality of the finite-mortal type, functioning on the level of the ascending sons of God.

Reality of Human Consciousness
You become conscious of man as your creature brother because you are already conscious of God as your Creator Father.

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