The Seven Superuniverses

AS FAR as the Universal Father is concerned — as a Father — the universes are virtually nonexistent; he deals with personalities; he is the Father of personalities. As far as the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are concerned — as creator partners — the universes are localized and individual under the joint rule of the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits. As far as the Paradise Trinity is concerned, outside Havona there are just seven inhabited universes, the seven superuniverses which hold jurisdiction over the circle of the first post-Havona space level. The Seven Master Spirits radiate their influence out from the central Isle, thus constituting the vast creation one gigantic wheel, the hub being the eternal Isle of Paradise, the seven spokes the radiations of the Seven Master Spirits, the rim the outer regions of the grand universe.

Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The first post-Havona creation was divided into seven stupendous segments, and the headquarters worlds of these superuniverse governments were designed and constructed. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days.

Of the vast body of knowledge concerning the superuniverses, I can hope to tell you little, but there is operative throughout these realms a technique of intelligent control for both physical and spiritual forces, and the universal gravity presences there function in majestic power and perfect harmony. It is important first to gain an adequate idea of the physical constitution and material organization of the superuniverse domains, for then you will be the better prepared to grasp the significance of the marvelous organization provided for their spiritual government and for the intellectual advancement of the will creatures who dwell on the myriads of inhabited planets scattered hither and yon throughout these seven superuniverses.

Presented by a Universal Censor hailing from Uversa.

The Superuniverse Space Level
We have long since discovered that the seven superuniverses traverse a great ellipse, a gigantic and elongated circle.

Organization of the Superuniverses
There are seven superuniverses in the grand universe, and they are constituted approximately as follows:

The Superuniverse of Orvonton
The vast Milky Way starry system represents the central nucleus of Orvonton...

Nebulae — The Ancestors of Universes
Paradise force organizers are nebulae originators...

The Origin of Space Bodies
The bulk of the mass contained in the suns and planets of a superuniverse originates in the nebular wheels...

The Spheres of Space
Irrespective of origin, the various spheres of space are classifiable into the following major divisions:

The Architectural Spheres
These headquarters worlds are architectural spheres, space bodies specifically constructed for their special purpose.

Energy Control and Regulation
Gravity and absence of heat (cold) organize and hold matter together; heat and antigravity disrupt matter and dissipate energy.

Circuits of the Superuniverses
The universal circuits of Paradise do actually pervade the realms of the seven superuniverses.

Rulers of the Superuniverses
The headquarters of the superuniverses are the seats of the high spiritual government of the time-space domains.

The Deliberative Assembly
The deliberative assembly of the superuniverse is confined to the headquarters world.

The Supreme Tribunals
The courts of the Ancients of Days are the high review tribunals for the spiritual adjudication of all component universes.

The Sector Governments
The work of these major sector governments has chiefly to do with the intellectual status of a far-flung creation.

Purposes of the Seven Superuniverses
There are seven major purposes which are being unfolded in the evolution of the seven superuniverses.

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