The Trinitized Sons of God

There are three groups of beings who are called Sons of God. In addition to descending and ascending orders of sonship there is a third group known as the Trinitized Sons of God. The trinitized order of sonship is subdivided into three primary divisions in accordance with the origins of its many types of personalities, revealed and unrevealed. These primary divisions are:

1. Deity-trinitized Sons.

2. Trinity-embraced Sons.

3. Creature-trinitized Sons.

Irrespective of origin all Trinitized Sons of God have in common the experience of trinitization, either as a part of their origin or as an experience of Trinity embrace subsequently attained. The Deity-trinitized Sons are unrevealed in these narratives; therefore will this presentation be confined to a portrayal of the remaining two groups, more particularly the Trinity-embraced sons of God.

Narrated by a Mighty Messenger of the revelatory corps of Orvonton, from the Urantia Papers.

The Trinity-Embraced Sons
All Trinity-embraced sons are originally of dual or single origin...

The Mighty Messengers
Mighty Messengers belong to the ascendant group of the Trinitized Sons.

Those High in Authority
Those High in Authority, the second group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, are all Adjuster-fused beings of mortal origin.

Those Without Name and Number
Those without Name and Number constitute the third and last group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment...

The Trinitized Custodians
Trinitized Custodians are ascendant seraphim and translated midway creatures who have passed through...

The Trinitized Ambassadors
Trinitized Ambassadors are selected for the Trinity embrace upon the advices of their Havona teachers.

Technique of Trinitization
The techniques of trinitization are among the secrets of Vicegerington and Solitarington...

The Creature-Trinitized Sons
In addition to the creature-trinitized sons considered in this narrative, there are numerous unrevealed orders of creature-trinitized beings —

The Celestial Guardians
The Celestial Guardians are the officers of the courts of the Ancients of Days...

High Son Assistants
High Son Assistants are unique and original personalizations of tremendous concepts and stupendous ideals.

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