The Paradise Trinity

THE Paradise Trinity of eternal Deities facilitates the Father's escape from personality absolutism. The Trinity perfectly associates the limitless expression of God's infinite personal will with the absoluteness of Deity. The Eternal Son and the various Sons of divine origin, together with the Conjoint Actor and his universe children, effectively provide for the Father's liberation from the limitations otherwise inherent in primacy, perfection, changelessness, eternity, universality, absoluteness, and infinity.

The Paradise Trinity effectively provides for the full expression and perfect revelation of the eternal nature of Deity. The Stationary Sons of the Trinity likewise afford a full and perfect revelation of divine justice. The Trinity is Deity unity, and this unity rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of the divine oneness of the three original and co-ordinate and coexistent personalities, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

From the present situation on the circle of eternity, looking backward into the endless past, we can discover only one inescapable inevitability in universe affairs, and that is the Paradise Trinity. I deem the Trinity to have been inevitable. As I view the past, present, and future of time, I consider nothing else in all the universe of universes to have been inevitable. The present master universe, viewed in retrospect or in prospect, is unthinkable without the Trinity. Given the Paradise Trinity, we can postulate alternate or even multiple ways of doing all things, but without the Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit we are unable to conceive how the Infinite could achieve threefold and co-ordinate personalization in the face of the absolute oneness of Deity. No other concept of creation measures up to the Trinity standards of the completeness of the absoluteness inherent in Deity unity coupled with the repleteness of volitional liberation inherent in the threefold personalization of Deity.

--Sponsored by a Universal Censor acting by authority from the Ancients of Days resident on Uversa.

Self-distribution of the First Source and Center
It would seem that the Father, back in eternity, inaugurated a policy of profound self-distribution.

Deity Personalization
With the Spirit the existential cycle of Deity personalization attains completion...

The Three Persons of Deity
Notwithstanding there is only one Deity, there are three positive and divine personalizations of Deity.

The Trinity Union of Deity
As a mortal in the flesh you should view the Trinity in accordance with your individual enlightenment...

Functions of the Trinity
The Trinity maintains a unique attitude as the Trinity towards the entire universe of the past, present, and future.

The Stationary Sons of the Trinity
The application of law, justice, falls within the province of the Paradise Trinity and is carried out by certain Sons of the Trinity.

The Overcontrol of Supremacy
We do not find the overcontrol of Supremacy to be wholly predictable.

The Trinity Beyond the Finite
Many truths and facts pertaining to the Paradise Trinity can only be even partially comprehended...

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